Electric Mopeds in Micromobility: The Essential Guide

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How should you determine which electric moped is the perfect fit for your shared mobility service?

While cycling and electric scooters have been making headlines as of late, the use of shared electric mopeds is also on the rise as it is a sustainable, cost-efficient, and safe choice to move throughout our cities. 

We are convinced that every city and operator is unique, which is why choosing the right vehicle partner is key to the success of any shared mobility service. As the leading tech provider for shared mobility solutions, we at Vulog decided to turn to our partners in micromobility, including Askoll, Blitz Electricide, Govecs Group, Niu, Pink, Segway-Ninebot, Silence Urban Ecomobility, Torrot, and Unu, to learn directly from the source what factors operators should consider when deciding to launch their services. 

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  checkmark Advice from the world's top experts in electric moped manufacturing on a variety of topics from user optimization to vandalism prevention


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checkmark Insights on critical topics such as vandalism prevention, user optimization, and more