The automotive market is experiencing a revolution as it shifts from a traditional, century-old industry built upon internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles towards a disruptive business model driven by e-mobility.

While most decision-makers and stakeholders in the car industry are keenly aware of the urgency to shift to clean, electric energy, many consumers remain reluctant about breaking old habits.

Yet the path toward EV adoption among skeptical consumers can be overcome. Finding opportunities for consumers to “test” EV vehicles through strategic initiatives, such as carsharing, is an excellent way of expanding current markets and capturing new market segments. Accelerating EV adoption in this way ensures that an automaker stays competitive and actively contributes to the combat against climate change.

Why carsharing is the answer to EV adoption Report

In this report you will learn about:

  • The history of the electric vehicle
  • How EVs have gained traction in the global automotive market
  • Insights into political and economic events that are driving EV adoption across the industry
  • The most common consumer fears with regard to EVs and solutions for moving forward
  • A thorough analysis behind why carsharing is the answer to stimulating EV adoption among consumers