Accelerating your mobility and net zero strategies with carsharing

With growing CO2 regulations and a shift towards greener energy across all industries, companies are redefining their mobility strategies to meet their net-zero emissions goals. By incorporating new mobility offers such as carsharing into current fleets, companies experience a fleet management transformation via corporate fleet optimization and fleet costs reductions. Going digital with a sophisticated carsharing technology allows companies to future-proof their business while remaining attractive to employees: mobility managers don't have to work as hard as with traditional, manual operations and employees benefit from a wide array of convenient, affordable, and sustainable ways of commuting.


Corporate carsharing ReportIn this white paper you will learn:

  • The corporate carsharing benefits that come with a new mobility strategy
  • How a sophistacted carsharing technology can transform your mundane "fleet management" to optimized "mobility management"
  • Why carsharing will ultimately provide your company with greater revenue