Vulog's Top Women report ensures that the incredible women driving change across the mobility landscape are given a voice and honored for their contributions to the industry and society at large.

Without a doubt, the pandemic demonstrated the ability for new mobility to mitigate various issues and act as a catalyst for long-term change. In handing over the mic to the industry's top women in mobility, we gain important insights into their vision of how mobility supports and impacts global efforts, especially when it comes to using mobility as a way to accelerate sustainability and promote inclusion

Top 21 Women of 2021 Report


What you will learn in the report:

  • Unique perspectives from a collection of diverse fields of expertise and backgrounds
  • Which new mobility trends and strategies have emerged out of the pandemic
  • How mobility can be the solution to solving the sustainability and inclusivity challenges we face each day


A big, warm THANK YOU to this year's Top 21 of 2021
  • Dr. Monica Araya, Drive-Electric Campaign and RouteZero

  • Olabisi Boyle, Hyundai Motor North America

  • Dr. Luciane Neves Canha, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria

  • Caine Chan, Ford X, Internal Business Incubator of Ford Motor Company

  • Clotilde Delbos, Renault Group

  • Yasmine Fage, Goggo Network

  • Ann Gallon, KINTO Mobility

  • Sevilay Gökkaya, Toyota Motor Europe
  • Orlie Gruper, Women in Mobility, Mobilitech Capital, Ecomotion

  • Jessica Lima, Universidade Federal de Alagoas, @atransportista
  • Chandra Morando, Kyte

  • Dr. Patricia Nzolantima, Bizzoly Holdings, Ubizcabs
  • Hannah Parish, Lyft

  • Amélie Phelip, Arval BNP Paribas Group

  • Annie Pin, ALD Automotive

  • Britta Reineke, ellectric

  • Meyseng Se Tchao, DEKRA

  • Sara Sloman, Elmtronics

  • Christiane Soppa, Bosch

  • Monica Wejman, Vulog

  • Scheherazade Zekri, Keolis Group